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The Intersection of Food Insecurity and Diet-Treated Illness

"I couldn’t sleep last night – I was so sick with worry over money and how to buy the food the kids need, and today the food delivery from FEI got here and I started crying. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Mother of 2 clients, Kansas

Food costs for special diets can be twice as expensive as regular food, but this food is as important as medicine for diet-treated illnesses. This food can treat disease, and it can prevent disease.

According to Feeding America, 64% of Wyandotte County (KS), 26% of Johnson County (KS), and 51% of Jackson County (MO) are BELOW the SNAP threshold of poverty. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Wyandotte County, particularly among the Black non-Hispanic population.

Food Equality Initiative steps in at this intersection for those struggling with the higher food costs for their diet-treated illnesses. Through our direct service and education programs, we help people get the nourishing foods they need.

We cannot do it without you.

Your gift of $25 or more per month allows us to provide food as medicine to those experiencing diet-treated illnesses or allergies such as celiac disease, diabetes, and more.

With support from donors like you, Food Equality Initiative helps educate, advocate, and empower to ensure we are all fed the food we need.